Here's a few of Rashmi Nemade's clients:

Working with Rashmi was a breeze! Our script was recorded under 4 hours, and a few small pickups were done within the half hour. The recording had excellent, professional audio quality, and her voice added a pleasant dimension to our video. Her willingness to work so quickly helped us get our video production to our client ahead of deadline. She’s already hired for our next project!
— Jim Reese, Managing Partner, Reese Brothers Productions
I have worked with Rashmi for over a year now. I have found her extremely easy to work with, very flexible in her style and delivery, and begins every project with no agendas except giving me exactly what I need. She is very positive and just a complete delight to be around and work with. Its so nice in this business to finally work with someone who is down to earth and does not have a huge ego. When she works with me, I get the feeling she is there to work with me and help me, not impress me. That is very rare in this work. To put it simply, she is a complete joy to work with and be around!!!
— Chuck Adkins, Director of Broadcast Operations, VoiceCorps
Rashmi Nemade is one versatile Voice Actor! I had the privilege of not only being her VO Coach, but also casting her on several projects. No matter what I challenged her with: a radio spot, TV voice over, or anything else, she came through with a great performance. Have you heard her Medical Narration?? Wow, she makes ten-dollar-per-word, multi-syllable medical-ese mumbo jumbo sound like a walk in the park on a sunny day! Rashmi strives to produce and deliver high-quality audio and her best performance on each project she takes on...and you should take her on for your next VO project!
— Ron Allan, owner, BIG VOICE Productions, LLC